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Micro-Comic 3-pack (Limited edition signed)

Micro-Comic 3-pack (Limited edition signed)

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I decided to print 3 short comics into a limited-edition microformat. The stories are:

Illegal Aliens:  Featured in George Takei’s “New Frontiers comic anthology collection, I collaborated with very skilled artist, Leigh Walls, and I am printing it for the first time in 7 years.

The story is about an alien worker who prevents a group of foreigners from smuggling their young into his world. Throughout the process, the worker gains a better understanding of himself and the world he lives in.

Antique: Featured in the Humanescent comic collection, I collaborated with the incredibly skilled and talented Jojo Seames.

The story follows Floyd, who gets a new lease on life, after losing his spouse, with the appearance of a reluctant genie.

Pitch Black: In 2017, I had a transformative experience after a disturbing nightmare. This event changed my perspective on life, and I collaborated with my dear friend Leigh Walls to visually capture it. And may I say he did it with exceptional skill! I later featured it in the Humanescent comic collection.


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