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This 60+ page book has eight comic stories, with diverse art styles and topics. Here's a taste of what you can expect.  

Tribal Quest
A village sends two people to explore the "edge" of their world. The adventure increasingly perilous, reveals a world so beautiful, yet dangerous. 

Art: Skuds Mckinley
Colors: Justin Wood
Letters: Michael Neno

Despite how much a community may change, there are always pillars keeping its soul alive.

Art: Chris Kindred

Human Nature
It’s the year 3000 on Earth. There are no green spaces. The world has evolved to no longer need plants nor chooses to remember its natural past. We now live in a united nation of corporations in an artificial world, created to grant our every whim. Our language is barcodes. Yet humanity still has a subset of people who still yearn for the ways of the past. This story will focus on an unlikely individual who is fighting the status quo in her own way.

Art: Leigh Walls
Colors: Justin Wood

Attack of the Panic
Isn't it funny how the very thing that scares us the most, gives us strength? 

Art: David Degrand

After losing his spouse, Floyd gets a new lease on life, with the appearance of a reluctant genie. 

Art: JoJo Seames
Letters: Michael Neno

People see lots of things when Jamie walks by. 
But are they seeing the real Jamie? 

Art: Meredith Laxton

Hero Worship
What if a Golden Age superhero was in an interracial marriage? Can he protect a city where his wife isn't viewed as human?

Art: Michael Neno


 Pitch Black

This story was inspired by a nightmare I had. 

Art: Leigh Walls

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