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Comic - Smörgåsbord Squad

Comic - Smörgåsbord Squad

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Written by Jacques Nyemb, this comic is a two part story.

Story 1

The beautiful city of Hasenpfeffer, USA, is made a little less beautiful as the feud between the Smörgåsbord Squad and H.U.N.G.E.R. Pack spills into the streets.

Art: Justin Wood
Letters: Marc Jackson


Story 2 

The origins of the Smörgåsbord Squad are explored as the details of the day the group came together are revealed.

Art & Letters: Kayla Miller

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What People are saying:


Smorgasbord Squad is 100% independently funded and worked on. When you see it you’ll be impressed because it looks more professional than the aforementioned KaBoom titles.

—Dustin Cabeal |


A group of food-themed superheroes is inherently ridiculous, and Nyemb, Wood, and Miller play it up. It’s an immensely fun read, with Wood and Miller’s art both being something as much at home in comics as it is on a Saturday morning cartoon.

— Leo Johnson |


There is nothing objectionable in here, I think any age could enjoy this book. There is a tiny bit of cartoon violence; some paranormal/ supernatural /extraterrestrial high-weirdness; a hint at bad language (seriously a hint, implied— and nicely done) … But the artwork and wild plot twists should appeal to youngsters. It is sophisticated and intelligent enough for adults to enjoy as well.

— Robert Emmett |


I mean, extremely perfect happy-go-lucky city, missing food in the fridge that signals the end of the world, greedy food-consuming villains, and ridiculously looking food-costumed vigilantes? If an adult reader can’t appreciate the simplicity of it all, I’m sure a child would get a kick out of this fun-loving comic.

— Laura Hong |


Think Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs meets The Lego Movie kept alive by the beating heart of a 90’s kid, and that’s what you’ll see in the slightly irreverent imagining of childhood satiations

— Luke Anthony |

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