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Gumgah and the Grumpledonk

Gumgah and the Grumpledonk

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"Gumgah and the Grumpledonk"  follows the bedtime of a young girl named Gumgah, who is convinced there’s something scary in her closet. After failing to convince her parents of the existence of the monster, the brave little girl decides to take matters into her own hands and in doing so meets the creature known as the Grumpledonk. Readers will find out how Gumgah handles this encounter as the story unfolds.

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A quality printed, 8in x 8in, 52-page picture book.



Jacques Nyemb | Writer/Publisher
Husband to Wonder Woman and father to Thing 1 and Thing 2, Jacques Nyemb's life is never dull. When he's not writing his millionth script, you can find him passed out under a pile of hats he wears as he runs Not So Super Publishing.
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Micheline Hess | Artist 
Born and raised in NYC, Micheline Hess works as a designer at a prominent ad agency and spends her spare time developing graphic novels, short stories, and interactive iBooks for kids. She has always been interested in the portrayal of black people in visual narratives like comics and movies and is constantly endeavoring to weave her own sense of humorous story-telling into both her personal and sometimes professional work. Micheline is most adept at creating characters and stories that provide a safe and fun way to inspire young children, especially girls. Through colorful flights of fun and fancy, she hopes to encourage a stronger sense of self-love, friendship, and a hunger to embrace all things new and different in the world around them.
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Beverly Bambury | Editor   
Beverly Bambury edits comics and picture books and is also a publicist and DIY publicity coach for authors and comic creators. She works with anyone from the occasional self-published author to creator-owned comics, all the way up to authors with major publishers. She's a Florida transplant living in Ontario, Canada, and yes: hilarity ensued.
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