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Comic - This Bites [Digital]

Comic - This Bites [Digital]

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The Story

Jasper works at a record shop. He's a vegan since birth, whose life gets shaken when he gets bitten by a Vampire. He finds himself with a HUGE dilemma of trying to maintain his lifelong Vegan lifestyle and fighting his newly acquired THIRST for blood. He embarks on a journey with the help of his AWESOME grandma, to fight his way to a cure and prepares himself for a showdown with the Vamp who bit him.

Story: Jacques Nyemb

Art: David DeGrand

Letters: Marc Jackson


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What people are saying

In an industry filled with numerous well done vampire books, it’s refreshing to see someone take the genre in a direction it hasn’t been before. With a few slight tweaks, this series seems like it could be easily adapted into a fun, all-ages cartoon.

— Jake Tanner |


Speaking of the book’s tone it’s almost ridiculous, but the best kind of ridiculous. The story moves fast and the characters are completely larger than life, it’s just all silly fun, that again brings back memories of goofy and lively children’s cartoons.

— Matt Johnson |


As I read, I got the nagging sensation that I was being followed by nostalgia. Then it bit me: This Bites is, in every way, a story boarded version of one of those insane shorts you’d see on the old animation anthology show, Liquid Television.

— Jix Strange |

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