Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

I was at the post office mailing 20 books from a crowdfunded campaign. I was not excited because I saw a line and the postal workers did not seem particularly happy.

It was my turn. I went to the register and in front of me was an intimidating fellow. I am 6 ft tall and the guy was 6 foot 5 or above. I looked up at him. He looked like he played football back in the day.

Typically I don’t stereotype people until I actually interact with them. But I got a chance to look at him interact with the other customers and he seemed like a “no-nonsense” kind of man.

So I internally felt of nervous because I was about to make his day with my 20 packages I needed to get labels for.

So I sat there watching him scan each piece one by one.

He then asked me “are you shipping books?”

I told him yes. He then asked, “what kind of books?”

I hesitated to say comic books because outside of conventions, I’m usually met with a “what’s wrong with you” kind of look and I end up being on the defensive about the art form and it being a legit literary source.

But I digress.

Something weird happened when I told him.

He lit up!

He told me of all of the comics he and his brother collects and we talked about the Disney/Marvel acquisition and the time flew.

He asked me about my comics and taught me a valuable lesson.

He asked me how much it costs. And told me to always have copies in my car. “You got to hustle outside of the internet. I’ve got $15 right now and will buy your book and bet you don’t have one on you.” He was right and I didn’t even have any business cards.

I just thought I was going to the post office, I didn’t even think that at any moment I have the opportunity to sell a book.

It was a great moment.

And I hope you’ve learned some things as I have.

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